Gardner Wins Second Race of Year, Johnson gets first E-Mod win!

Gardner Wins Second Race of Year, Johnson gets first E-Mod win!

Busti, NY (July 23, 2016) – With temperatures hovering above 90°, fans and racers filed into Stateline for seven-division racing at the oldest speed plant in the tri-state area with veterans going to Victory Lane after ever every feature.

Rich Gardner, whose racing career dates back 40 years, took over at the front of the all-green Overhead Door of Jamestown Super Late Model 25-lapper on the ninth circuit and went on to his second win of the season. Two-time Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model champion Damian Bidwell drove to his third feature win in 2016. Troy Johnson, a veteran racer dating back four decades, drove into Victory Lane for the first time ever in a Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mod (coming from fourteenth in the line-up!) while Kelly Frederes, also a veteran driver, collected his second win of the season in Rusted Nutz Pro Mod competition. Dave Shagla continued to dominate the Fox’s Pizza Den Street Stocks division with his seventh win of the season, including Thursday night’s special. Former champion Dan Nocero Jr continued to shine in  the Himes Auction Super Sportsmen feature with his fourth win of the season. Andy Proper now has wins in seven of the ten Bailey’s Towing & Recovery Super Challenger features.

Kelly Frederes and Scott Gurdak, both feature winners this season, started the Rusted Nutz Pro Mod feature from the front row with Gurdak leading lap one and Frederes ahead at two complete. Caution was shown for Brian Mohawk and Dennis Asel, both spun in turn two on lap three. Gurdak worked both inside and outside to get by Frederes but the 33K machine was just too wide to get by. On lap thirteen Gurdak got next to the leader but a lapped car was in the way of the pass. On the final lap Gurdak again got next to Frederes but came up short by half a length, 0.102 second.

The Overhead Door of Jamestown Super Late Models were led to green by Chris Hackett and Rich Gardner, a winner earlier in the season. The second row was David Scott and Dutch Davies, also winners earlier as was fifth starting Doug Eck.

Hackett led lap one with Scott coming to second over Gardner and Davies. With seven complete Gardner got back by Scott for the runner-up spot and was next to Hackett a lap later, then leading at nine complete. Dave Hess Jr got to fourth at lap ten then was by Scott for third at twelve laps. At halfway, it was Gardner, Hackett, Hess, Scott, and Davies. Hess was second at fourteen laps and Eck was fifth. Eck got by Scott for fourth at seventeen laps into the event. When the checkers flew it was Gardner for his second win of the season over Hess, then Hackett by half a length over Eck with Scott fifth. The race was run under the green flag the entire 25-laps.

Matt and Ted Kosinski brought the Himes Auction Company Super Sportsmen feature to green with Kendelle Kosinski and Steve Longo getting together on the back straight, slowing the race for the first time. Matt Kosinski led the way from the restart with Nocero second. At six laps in Nocero was challenging but Kosinski was hanging on to the lead. When the halfway signal was shown Nocero had gotten by and was on his way to the win, his fourth of the season. Matt Kosinski was second with Ted Kosinski third, points leader Jim Kibbe fourth, and Shane Horner fifth.

Greg Johnson and Michael McGee brought the Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mods to green with Greg Johnson grabbing the immediate lead. Kirk Bradley, the winner Thursday during the Anniversary Special, spun in turn three, gathering up Tom Hagberg, Troy Carr, and Rob Middleton in the

On green again, the field made it to turn three when Ron Seeley spun, this time involving the same three cars plus David Lamphere. Greg Johnson again brought the cars back to green, and again turn three proved to be a problem as several cars got sideways but nobody coming to a stop. Then Thursday’s winner Kirk Bradley came to a halt in turn one with a flat right rear tire.

For the fourth time, Johnson paced the field to green but this time caution flew for unknown reasons. On this green Rob Middleton spun in turn three, yet again slowing the event. On this green, Johnson led to the back straight when Mike McGee and he came together with Johnson suffering an apparent broken tie rod. McGee led the race back to green with six laps complete with Troy Loomis, visiting his home track from North Carolina, second, and Shane Crotty third.

At halfway, McGee had a eight length lead over Loomis with Troy Johnson now third, up from fourteenth on the grid. Troy Johnson got to second with five to go with Southwell now fourth and Crotty fifth. Johnson closed on McGee over the next three laps and was even at the line with two to go. Johnson went on to his first win in a Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mod over McGee, Loomis, Butch Southwell fourth, and Ryan Scott, who came to fifth at nineteen complete.

The Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models were paced by two time former champion and two time 2016 winner Damian Bidwell. Dave Hess Jr spun from third coming out of turn two on the first lap, slowing the race for the first time. Bidwell led the opening lap with Boozel second and two time winner Darrell Bossard third. Bossard was second after two laps with point leader Ryan Scott fourth. Dave Lyon, last week’s winner, got by Scott at four complete and was third at five laps in.

At halfway, it was still Bidwell leading Bossard, Lyon, Boozel, and Scott. Hess came to fifth at the line with thirteen laps complete. Bidwell got to lapped traffic at lap sixteen but didn’t slow enough to allow Bossard to close, going on to his third victory of the season over Bossard, Lyon, Boozel, and Hess. As the second heat was being paced by Ryan Scott, his family revealed to the world that they are expecting a girl by opening a large cardboard box on the front straight walkway, releasing pink balloons during Ryan’Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Model heat.

John Zeleznick and Greg Marsh brought the Bailey’s Towing & Recovery Super Challengers to green with Marsh leading the first three laps and points leader Andy Proper challenging the leader until taking over at the front with four complete after starting sixth. Skip Jackson was third at the halfway point. Pete Volpe came to second with two laps remaining over Skip Jackson. The top three ran that way to the checkers with Marsh winding up fourth and Zeleznick fifth. Earlier in the evening, right after the second Bailey’s Towing & Recovery Super Challengers heat, it was reported the car of Pat Oyer caught fire in the pit area, bringing out the red flag during the first Fox’s Pizza Den Street Stock heat so the fire crew could respond. The fire was quickly extinguished and racing resumed.

Gary Fisher led the Fox Pizza Den Street Stocks from green with Jason Black spinning in turn three as the leaders crossed the line at the end of lap one. Fisher again led after green with Mike Moore and Guy Adams spinning at the end of lap two, again slowing the race. Fisher yet again led with Chris Couchenour coming for second and Bill Reeves third with points leader Dave Shagla Jr fourth at the end of five. Shagla, a six-time victor in 2016, was second at seven and leading at halfway when Bill Best spun in turn one, slowing the race again. The next caution of the race happened with seven laps remaining when Tom McFall spun in turn three. Guy Adams spun on the restart and retired pitside. Shagla went on to the win with Couchenour second, Fisher third, Tony Marotto fourth, and Reeves fifth.

Stateline Speedway presented by Lite House Auto Complete Results for July 23, 2016


Overhead Door of Jamestown Super Late Models:

Heat 1: Dutch Davies, Chris Hackett, Bump Hedman, John Lobb, Damian Bidwell, Bob Dorman, Joe Layfield

Heat 2: David Scott, Doug Eck, Jake Finnerty, John Lacki, Ward Schell, Andy Boozel

Heat 3: Rich Gardner, Chad Valone, Dave Hess Jr, Greg Oakes, Jason DuPont, Kyle Scott

Feature: Rich Gardner, Dave Hess Jr, Chris Hackett, Doug Eck, David Scott, Dutch Davies, Chad Valone, Jake Finnerty, John Lobb, Bump Hedman, Ward Schell, Jason DuPont, Greg Oakes, Kyle Scott, Damian Bidwell. Andy Boozel, Joe Layfield, Bob Dorman, John Lacki (DNS)


Shults Auto Group RUSH Crate Late Models:

Heat 1: Darrell Bossard, Dave Lyon, Andy Boozel, Wyatt Scott, Jason Genco, Mike Wonderling, Jamie Wrightsman

Heat 2: Damian Bidwell, Ryan Scott, Dave Hess Jr, Matt Harvey, Jeremy Wonderling, Scott Gurdak, Chad Silleman

Feature: Damian Bidwell, Darrell Bossard, Dave Lyon, Andy Boozel, Dave Hess Jr, Ryan Scott, Matt Harvey, Mike Wonderling, Jason Genco, Wyatt Scott, Scott Gurdak, Chad Silleman, Jamie Wrightsman, Jeremy Wonderling


Sugar Grove Beverage Outlaw E-Mods:

Heat 1: Butch Southwell, Mike McGee, Troy Loomis, Tom Hagberg, Rob Middleton, David Lamphere

Heat 2: Greg Johnson, John Boyd, Steve Rex, Troy Carr, Troy Johnson, Ryan Scott

Heat 3: David Scott, Ron Seeley, Kirk Bradley, Shane Crotty, Al Crocker

Feature: Troy Johnson, Mike McGee, Troy Loomis, Butch Southwell, Ryan Scott, Shane Crotty, Kirk Bradley, Troy Carr, Al Crocker, Steve Rex, John Boyd, Tom Hagberg, Ron Seeley, Rob Middleton, Greg Johnson, David Scott, David Lamphere


Rusted Nutz ProMods:

Heat 1: Justin Carlson, Scott Gurdak, Kevin Ruhlman, Bill Silvis, Jason Covey, Dennis Asel

Heat 2: Kelly Frederes, Jeramy Williams, Dennis Hagg Jr, Zach Johnson, Brian Mohawk

Feature: Kelly Frederes, Scott Gurdak, Jeramy Williams, Bill Silvis, Dennis Hagg Jr, Justin Carlson, Dennis Asel, Zach Johnson, Jason Covey, Brian Mohawk, Kevin Ruhlman


Fox’s Pizza Den Street Stocks:

Heat 1: Chris Couchenour, Brad Church, Guy Adams, Paul Nelson, Bill Best, Bill Applebee, Sam Courson

Heat 2: Gary Fisher, Mark Ramsey, Scott Delahoy, Mike Moore, Tyler Dynys, Denny Diegelman, Tom McFall

Heat 3: Dave Shagla, Bill Reeves, Brian Crandall, Tony Marotto, Jason Black, Deven Dudenhoeffer

Feature: Dave Shagla Jr, Chris Couchenour, Gary Fisher, Tony Marotto, Bill Reeves, Brian Crandall, Bill Applebee, Scott Delahoy, Deven Dudenhoeffer, Bill Best, Jason Black, Tyler Dynys, Mike Moore, Paul Nelson, Denny Diegelman, Guy Adams, Tom McFall, Brad Church, Mark Ramsey, Sam Courson


Hime Auction Super Sportsmen:

Heat 1: Jim Kibbe, Ted Kosinski, Shane Horner, Jake Eller, Michael Kosinski

Heat 2: Dan Nocero Jr, Matt Kosinski, Steve Longo, Kendelle Kosinski, Tom Kosinski

Feature: Dan Nocero Jr, Matt Kosinski, Ted Kosinski, Jim Kibbe, Shane Horner, Tom Kosinski, Steve Longo, Kendelle Kosinski, Jake Eller (DNS), Michael Kosinski (DNS)

Bailey’s Towing & Recovery Super Challengers:

Heat 1: Andy Proper, Pete Volpe, Greg Marsh, Jacob Lamb, Gary Troy, John Angeletti, Scott Swarthout, Jasmine Markham

Heat 2: John Zeleznick, Skip Jackson, Mike Riche, Ben Sudol, Kevin Covell, Patrick Oyer, Joey Karash, Mary Hammond

Feature: Andy Proper, Pete Volpe, Skip Jackson, Greg Marsh, John Zeleznick, Mike Riche, Ben Sudol, Jacob Lamb, Gary Troy, Mary Hammond, Joey Karash, Jasmine Markham, John Angeletti, Scott Swarthout, Patrick Oyer (DNS)

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